Lesson 05:

Executing your photoshoot Plan

Note: This lesson is all about interacting with you guys, I want to take your questions based on what you see me doing in the video and add onto this lesson by answering those for everyone by continually updating the lesson! Submit questions via the form below the video.

Let's take that inspiration we gathered and the plan we made in the last lesson and execute on it. We'll go behind the scenes of the photo shoot I planned in Lesson 03.

The goal here is to let you see how I work, everyone works differently so this isn't a blue print but some of the most helpful things I've learned have simply been from watching a more experienced photographer on a photoshoot.

We'll shoot in several different lighting conditions throughout this photo shoot. Starting indoor working with existing interior lighting then moving to direct sunlight outside, and soft even lighting in the evening. 

I start out by regathering my thoughts when I get in location and letting the MUA make her final adjustments, from there I'll jump right in to the shoot. I don't talk a lot when I shoot because thats just my personality. Some models may want more feedback form you than others just make sure to communicate and make sure your model is doing alright!

Enough talking though, lets get straight to the video.



Todays Assignment:

  • Submit you questions to be added to this lesson via the form below!
  • Execute on your photoshoot. Follow the previous lessons, plan your shoot and setup a time to make it happen! If you have questions shoot me an email at: hello@amoshaley.com


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