I have so many things going on in my head, projects I'm figuring out challenges I'm facing in business and life, etc. BUT last month I booked a flight to Colorado in an effort to shoot with EmOur first shoot was in a fantastic old Inn with several variously styled rooms. We spent a couple hours shooting there but were both very exhausted and decided to call it for the day.

The following morning we had plans to visit some remote hot springs for our shoot but had some things come up and pushed it off until the afternoon. Unfortunately, it took about two hours to drive there and cell service/GPS dropped once we got closeafter finding the spot I thought was correct we hiked 45 minutes down the mountainside only to be informed by some campers who had ventured down the 4x4 trail with their trucks, that we were six miles away, on top of that it would be dark by the time we hiked back up. I got very few photos that day but on the plus side, we saw some fantastic scenery!

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