Raluca and I had been planning our shoot and day trip to the Olympic Peninsula for several weeks.

In an effort to catch the earliest ferry we woke up at 4 a.m. which in hindsight was entirely too early for sunrise. In any case, we had read the schedule wrong and the first ferry was around 7 a.m.
With time to kill we found a diner which was about to open and joined a group of older gentlemen waiting for the doors to be unlocked, soon we set down to a traditional American breakfast of eggs and such. It worked out perfect as the sun was just rising over the horizon by the time we were boarding our ferry.

The ferry ride was much shorter than expected and we were off for the second and much longer part of our trip. Don't get me wrong though it wasn't a boring ride. The scenery was in my opinion, some of the best in the country but perhaps I am a bit biased.

We stopped quickly at this field after noticing the sun streaming in from the left, the dew on the grass in the field and mountains in the background.


Lake Crescent had some of the clearest, most glassy water I've seen.



Our destination was Ruby Beach where we had planned to shoot some huntress/elf inspired photos. I wanted the feeling of being wild--to convey the different challenges you might face living in the outdoors. Fears, pleasures, being carefree, foraging, resting and of course beauty.