I promise I'm working on a journal entry. It's a heavy one and a little different than I expected.

I'd made a post on Instagram a little while ago that I was soon going to be able to photograph my Grandpa, and that I was going to do it on film. I did get to take pictures of him but rather than at his home and his favorite spots, I ended up taking photos of him in the hospital. It was challenging emotionally but I'm thankful that I got to do so. I'm not sure the right way to talk about this, by this I mean losing someone. Death. Responding to "I'm sorry for your loss". When there is life there is always death but knowing that doesn't make it easier when that time comes. 

The photos from my last visit with Grandpa are currently being developed by the good folks at indie film lab. Just patiently waiting to get the return email.

I'm not really sure where I'm heading with this, so I think I'll leave you with my favorite photo of Grandpa when he was young. I'll be sharing more about my Grandpas story and my film photos of him in my newsletter, I feel I can share more personally there.