After one of the pictures from a series I recently photographed reached the front page on Reddit I thought it only reasonable to write a blog post about said series so others could see it in its entirety.

My friends and I wanted to create a series of images that conveyed the struggles within ones self and how your environment can shape that. After brainstorming with the models (Mitchell and his girlfriend Audrey) as well as my good friend Natalie who is also a photographer, we decided the story should be of a couple who both have inner struggles that begin to tear apart their relationship without them realizing. Though they want to be close doing so causes hurt until they get out of that environment and its effects on their relationship. We used the abandoned house to represent that 'environment'.

Links to posts on Reddit:

My original post Picture I took of my friends in an abandoned house

Someone re-posted and it reached the front page Picture I took of my friends in an abandoned house (x r/itookapicture)